marți, 1 februarie 2011

8 random things

I recently divulged 7 random things about me, but now I've been tagged by Cibele to give you 8 random things, so I'll try to think of 8 new ones. See what a good sport I am?

1. I have never broken a bone and my lap surgery last year was my first surgery ever (unless you count having my wisdom teeth out). Before all that, I've had stitches three times, and once went to the hospital for a funky allergic reaction (hives are not fun).

2. I'm a jock, or whatever you call a female athlete. I'd rather play a sport than watch a sport. For a while, after undergrad, I started sitting on my butt a lot and not exercising much. I started to lose some of my coordiation and was not as athletic. When I started exercising again, it came back, thankfully!

3. I have a really hard time picking favorites. When someone asks "what's your favorite movie, or music or food or color" I can't hardly narrow it down to one. There are so many types of movies and music and foods. My favorite one day won't be the same the next. So when people send those "getting to know you" emails, I always refuse to answer what my favorite ____ is.

4. I've been in the same job for almost 8 years now, and it's the job I got right after undergrad. It's a good job, I'm the manager of a lab, and I'm well-compensated. It's flexible, comfortable, and challenging. As I stay here and get older, I hire younger and younger people as others come and go. It gets harder to find things to talk about with a 23 year old, but we manage!

5. I have one brother, and 8 cousins. Not a huge family, but bigger than my husband's - he has two brothers and one cousin. Can you imagine? One cousin!

6. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. I went with him to his prom, and the next year, he went with me to mine. We've been together over 14 years (nearly half our lives) and our 10 year wedding anniversary is next month. You can imagine when people learn we're coming up on 10 years, they naturally wonder (and ask) why we don't have kids yet!

7. Ok, I'm doing pretty good. Already at 7. I think I've said this before, but since there are some new readers, I'll give it up again. I have four tattoos. My husband has three. We got our last ones as 5 year anniversary gifts and called it our "white trash anniversary." I have been wanting another one on and off for a while, but don't know where to put it. If I spread out too many more, I really will start to look like trash!

8. Hmm. Number eight. Ummm... I still hold out hope that we can get pregnant naturally. After almost five years of trying, I still have that little bit of hope in there. I guess we all do!