marți, 1 februarie 2011


I don't know where to begin. Maybe just a random summary of things, then I'll come back with details in future posts.

1. Costa.Rica was awesome. I highly recommend it. I'll post more on it later with photos.

2. Work has been extremely busy since I returned. I'm scrambling to catch up with all the blogs I read. I'm thinking about you all.

3. We are enjoying our ballroom dance lessons. We've learned the Foxtrot, (missed the week of the Jitterbug), the Rhumba, and the Waltz. We're not bad either!

4. We joined a gym and signed up for personal training. I'm trying to bulk up a bit and hubby wants to slim down. Mostly we just want to be healthy and fit and create some long lasting healthy habits. We're enjoying it all so far.

5. I filled out and sent in the information sheet to an adoption agency we're interested in. I have a friend who adopted and she's going to bring me information on another agency. She encouraged us to check out several, that we'll be dealing with them for a long time, so we'd better like them. Just like an RE. Hopefully we can rule some out early, then go to a few orientations and decide who to use. I'm ready to get started.

6. As much as I'm excited about the possibility of adoption in the somewhat near future, I still get sad. I should have known better than to think I was "cured." You may or may not remember that we had baby furniture that my brother and SIL gave us before we even started trying. We put it in a closet and it sat there for years. A friend of mine who is financially unstable got pregnant, so we loaned the furniture to them. I recently asked her to send some more pictures of her baby. I adore this friend, but haven't met her son yet, so she sent me a link to her page. As I watched the slide show of photos, there is her beautiful smiling son laying on MY changing table or in MY crib. I'm happy to have helped her out and I know that one day those will be in my house with my baby in them, but it was a little too much. It made me sad, as all of you can understand. As I told my hubby about this experience, I saw a lot of empathy in his eyes and it was so comforting to see it.

7. The hubby and I are otherwise happy and doing well. We are happy and getting along and on the same page about adoption. I feel lucky.