marți, 1 februarie 2011

please wait for assistance

I am not allowed to use the self check-out lines. Not in grocery stores, not in Home.Depot, not anywhere. Every time I use one, I screw up and end up needing assistance. Now I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person, and I actually worked as a checker in a grocery store for 5 weeks after high school (hated it). I can work the computer just fine. I can work the scanner just fine. I can run my credit card just fine. I can do all of these things, I really can.

The problem is that I'm not patient enough. I am all about efficiency. It's just the way I roll. The machine can't keep up with me. Oh, and the bagging area has it out for me. Unexpected item in bagging area... whatever! Those machines have too many rules.

Last time I helped with the self check-out process, the machine locked up and the transaction had to be cancelled and re-run. We almost always have to have someone come over and correct something in the process. It's embarrassing. So now I no longer get to help. I have to stand impotently by and watch my husband have all the fun. He slowly scans each item and places it directly in the bagging area. Then he selects his method of payment, so slowly it kills me. He swipes his credit card (though he sometimes has a problem here because he's cursed to swipe it the wrong way the first time every time no matter where we are), completes the transaction, takes his bag out of the irksome bagging area, and walks happily out of the stores without needing any assistance. I can't stand watching, I want to help, but I have to recognize I have limits. That is not easy for me. Anyone else hate these machines? I prefer just going to a live person!

Thanks all for your happy anniversary wishes. Hope you're having a good week!